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Technology in Dairy : Future of Dairy Farming

Business success has the same funda earning more than less time and less effort. This can only happen using technology. This is entirely applicable in professional dairy farming like other businesses. Even in dairy farming, if technology is used, it saves time, reduces the need for employees and saves money. Chirag Chavda, a progressive dairy farmer who has been doing dairy farming for nearly two decades in Nadiad in the Kheda district of Gujarat, uses technology and machines extensively on his farm.

Technology's input cost is low

Dairy farmer Chirag Chavda said that there are HFR Gir breed cows on his dairy farm. There are a total of 65 animals on the farm comprising 35 milch cows and 120 litres of milk per day is produced. They supply their farm milk directly to the consumers at the rate of 50 rupees a litre. When asked about the importance of technology in dairy farming, he said the use of machines reduces input costs and increases profits. He said that earlier he used to milk milk milk by hand on his farm and employees were also keeping it. But now they use milking machines. This has reduced the dependence on employees and also reduces the time to milk. He said using milking machines has made dairy farming much easier. Apart from milking machines, they also use techniques like chaff cutters, fans, fogger systems. He said that those who use technology in dairy farming will be able to move forward in this business and others will be left behind.

Data makes farm management easier

Like technology, Chirag Chavda Ji considers data very important in the dairy farming business. He said that earlier he used to keep all the data related to animals in a notebook. But now they use the app for this. They regularly feed on the online app all the data of cow supplements, how much milk they gave every day, when they came into the heat, when they got vaccinated and when they were de-warming. All necessary notifications are received by the app from time to time and make it very easy for them to manage the farm and take care of the animals. Chirag Chavda said that all the apps that are present now have only their tag number written to identify the cow, sometimes it is difficult to identify it. Instead, if the app has the facility to keep photos of cows and calves, the identification of the cow will be easier and the chances of making mistakes will be reduced.

Technology can help to identify a good breed of cow that gives more milk

Chirag Chavda Ji, who has spent so many nearly two decades in dairy farming, lays great emphasis on the breed of animals. According to him, the better breed of animals are kept on the dairy farm, the less sick they will fall ill and the more milk they give. He said that the HF cow of ordinary breed gives 4 to 5 litres of milk at a time, but the good breed of HF cow gives 10 to 15 litres of milk at a time. While both supplements cost the same amount. Therefore, in commercial dairy farming, only advanced breed sage animals should always be reared. He said that he crosses only desi breed cows with a bull on his farm, while hf breed cows are made to live through artificial insemination. Chirag Chavda Ji said that he has taken a Course in AI from Amul but he gets the cows aI done by an expert technician on his farm.

Data-Driven calf rearing provides a good breed of cows

Dairy farmer Chiragji also understands the importance of calf rearing. He said he does calf rearing, especially on his farm. A good breed of cow provides a better breed of the calf. If this continues on the farm, in three to four years, a pure breed cow is ready and there is no competition for that breed. He said that however, on large dairy farms where 25-30 calves are produced every year, rearing them all can be a loss-making deal. Because it costs a lot of money to feed them and other care. By doing so, all the proceeds from milk production are spent on this. According to Chirag Chavda Ji, the focus should be on preparing 5 to 7 advanced breed calves on a large farm. This significantly increases the income of the form in the coming years.

Technology can help in checking the breed thoroughly before buying a cow

Dairy farmer Chirag Chavada Ji does not need to buy new cows ever since he started preparing a calf on his farm. However, he said that while the cow is Kharif, the long, spine, the total length of the cow, the size of the order, teeth and horn should be examined. Chiragji never tried to buy animals online, instead, he likes to buy cows by looking at them himself. However, he says that if there is a person of faith in the middle, animals can also be purchased online. But even then, animals should be purchased by watching videos, not by looking at photos online.

Alerts for vaccination and deworming of animals can be very important

As a conscious herder and dairy farmer, the famous Chirag Chavda Ji considers the vaccination of animals very important in his locality. He said that diseases like FMD are always going on, so vaccination should be done on time to protect animals from them. Similarly, they also call deworming important. However, he said that he pays more attention to the deworming of the calf, while the deworming of the cow is done while sown. Deworming improves their digestive system, which improves health. They have no difficulty in treating animals when they are sick, as Amul's doctors are available all the time. Chirag Chavda Ji said that apart from milk production, he also does dairy equipment business for additional earnings.

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