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No information on where to collect data online? - Diwakar Singh(Dairy Farmer), Bihar

The dairy sector in India is growing very fast and has immense potential. Be it the central government or the state government, all the dairy sectors and all the schemes for the development of animal husbandry are being run. As a result of the efforts of the Government, a large number of youngsters are coming to this sector and contributing to making the country a world leader in milk production. But it is often seen that these youths get into the profession of dairy farming without any concrete training and knowledge, only through the knowledge acquired from YouTube, and then if there is no benefit, they throw all the money on the dairy sector. But the truth is that if after getting full training and information, you get into the field of dairy farming, then success is definitely achieved.

Do dairy farming in the traditional way

We spoke to Diwakar Singh, a young dairy farmer from Jamui, Bihar, about the experiences and problems of dairy farming. Diwakar Singh, 30, has studied BCA and has been doing commercial dairy farming in his village in Bihar for three years now. He said that he has come to this business to do something new in his village and to provide pure milk to the local people without adulteration. There are 15 cows and 5 buffaloes on their dairy farm. About 80 to 100 liters of milk are produced per day. When he spoke to him about the importance of technology and data in dairy farming, he said that he does dairy farming in the traditional way. He has placed two employees on his farm, with the help of which the work of milking to lifting dung is done.

The importance of the data revealed by the veterinarian

Asked about the importance of the data, dairy farmer Diwakar Singh said he did not know about it when he opened the farm. But when the cows were frequently ill and the quantity of milk was low, when they called the veterinarian, they would ask about the history of the cow. It was only from the animal doctor that they came to know that keeping the daily data related to cows or buffalo helps in their treatment when they are sick. After this, they started writing the data of milk coming out daily in a register, fodder to be fed to them, the time of heat, etc. Diwakar Singh, who has been dairy farming for three years, had no idea about the online apps that helped with farm management. On talking about these apps, Diwakar Singh said that he will now download a good app, keep the data online and this will help him a lot, as well as get rid of the hassle of keeping a register.

Previously there was no information about good breed animals.

Dairy farmer Diwakar Singh said that there is a lot of difficulty in getting good breed cows and buffaloes in Bihar. When he started the dairy farm, he had brought them from Haryana and since then, there has been a need to buy only one-on-one dukkha cattle. He said that due to lack of knowledge of the good breed, he had gone with him to Haryana with an expert and bought cows and buffaloes as per his statement. However, now Diwakar Singh has also become aware of the breed and has started identifying cows of good breed. He said that the good breed cows that were brought from Haryana, are given a lot of milk even after two boys.

Milk production will increase as calves grow.

When asked about the importance of calf rearing on the farm, he also expressed ignorance about it. He said that at present there are seven cow calves and three buffalo pads on his farm. They raise them well, but more than half of the farm's earnings are spent on taking care of them. However, dairy farmer Diwakar Singh said that when these calves grow up, the production of milk in his farm will increase and he will not have to buy new animals. He said that they are getting cows and buffaloes on their farm through artificial insemination i.e. AI and the result is also getting very good. He said that despite being a rural area, there is no problem in getting a good breed of semen from private companies.

Do not compromise with the health of animals.

Diwakar Singh said that they never compromise on the health of animals. Due to the presence of a dairy farm in the rural areas of Bihar, they have difficulty in getting medical facilities if needed, but they call private doctors to treat the animals of their farm properly and also get them tested regularly. Dairy farmer Diwakar Singh is also very much aware of the deworming of animals and their vaccination. He said that they deworm cows and buffaloes every three to four months, which increases milk production while the health of the animal is good. He said that they do not take any negligence in getting the cows vaccinated from time to time and they must get vaccinated for diseases like FMD, Brucellosis.

It is difficult to get cattle insurance in Bihar

Talking about animal insurance, dairy farmer Diwakar Singh said that it is a very difficult task to get him to insure the animals here. No government or private insurance company in their district is willing to insure animals. He said that these insurance companies get the target of animal insurance from above, which they complete from here and there. But those who really need insurance, don't get this facility. Stating that animal insurance is a must in the dairy farming business, Diwakar Singh said the government should increase the facility of animal insurance so that everyone can insure their animals.

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