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Milking machine is not useful in extracting buffalo milk- Malkit Singh(Dairy Farmer)- Sirsa, Haryana

In order to achieve success and profit in commercial dairy farming, it is necessary to use more and more technology. This, on the one hand, makes it easier to carry out everyday activities related to dairy farming, while on the other hand, due to the decrease in dependence on labor and employees, the input cost is also reduced. The milking machine for professional dairy farming is no less than a boon, but the trouble is that the milking machine works on cows, but buffalo milk does not succeed much in milking.

A separate machine should be developed for buffalo

Malkit Singh, a dairy farmer who has been running a dairy farm in Sirsa, Haryana, for the past seven years, said there are a total of 170 animals on his farm and most of them are buffaloes. Milking buffalo milk on such a large farm is no less than a challenge, he said. He had brought milking machines to extract buffalo milk, but those machines did not succeed. He said that one is that the size of the buffalo's trunk is different from the cow's trunk and the other is the buffalo's emotional attachment with its child is more than that of the cow. So it is very difficult to milk buffalo milk from the machine because, at the time of milking, she finds her baby and does not give full milk. He said that if milking machines are developed by doing research for buffaloes separately, then dairy farmers can be greatly benefited.

A lot of data contributes to making dairy farming a profitable business

Malkit Singhji, a technology-friendly dairy farmer, said that he uses technology like chough cutter, fogger system on his farm. It also uses different software for milk marketing, milk supply, and farm management. Because of the software, all these things are done quite easily. He said that they are also developing a mobile app of their form. Dairy farmer Malkit Singh said that data contributes a lot in making dairy farming a profitable business. If there is data related to every activity of the dairy farm, it will be able to find out which sector needs to be improved and what is causing the damage. When did the buffalo come into the heat, when did its AI, cross the buffalo with which breed of seaman, how much milk it gave daily, how much and which feed was given to it, if you have all such data, then if you have all such data, then if you have it, then if you need it, it can immediately find out which buffalo is giving damage and which buffalo is giving benefits. It will also be known which buffalo needs to be paid separately attention to, or it needs to be seen by a doctor. He said that they use the online data management app, which keeps them getting all the necessary notifications from time to time. They take the next step without wasting any time.

It is very expensive to insure animals.

When asked about his experience of animal insurance in dairy farming, Malkit Singh Ji said that the premium of animal insurance is very expensive. Taking the policy of one animal costs up to Rs 1500, in such a situation, the cost of the insurance of so many animals will be in lakhs. He said four animals have died on his farm in the last four years and it has also caused him a loss of about Rs 3 lakh. Despite this, they do not insure the animals, because it costs a lot. He said government insurance companies insure only five animals, and they do not have a separate insurance policy for commercial dairy farm animals. He said the government should reduce the premium of animal insurance to protect dairy farmers from losses. The government makes all the schemes for the dairy sector, it also does a lot of publicity, but these schemes are not visible on the ground level, they do not benefit the cattle herders.

Animal breeding along with milk production at dairy farms

Dairy farmer Malkit Singh is engaged in milk production as well as animal breeding. He said that there is a bull on his farm, as well as he has kept a seaman container. They take the seaman of good bull to get the buffalo artificial insemination done and their effort is always to get an AI done. However, when the buffalo repeats, they cross the bull in a natural way. He said that they use the same seaman of ABS and SAGcompany, the seaman of these companies is very good and is easily available.

Benefits of calf rearing on dairy farms

On the subject of calf rearing, he said that both breeding and calf rearing are very easy for commercial dairy farmers. One- two cattle rearers can't do this. He said that the biggest advantage of rearing a calf is that its pedigree is also known. Rearing a calf on the farm costs as much as a cow gets in the market. But the calf of your farm will be of advanced breed, this is guaranteed. He said that breed improvement comes from rearing calf or Padiya, not by buying a good breed of cow or buffalo. Dairy farmer Malkit Singh said that if you do the breeding work on the farm for 5-6 years, then the benefit is the benefit forever.

There is a lot of fraud in the animal trade, avoid it.

Dairy farmer Malkit Singh said that for the dairy farm, animals should be tested and purchased. Don't buy a cow or buffalo by looking at the online website, or on YouTube. He said that there is a lot of fraud in the cattle trade, so no matter how knowledgeable the trader or the farmer is, the animal should be purchased only after full satisfaction. He said that the traders who come to the animal fairs do not take out the milk of the cow for two days, they give it an injection, which makes its levity bigger. But all of these need to be avoided. Therefore, it is important to have complete information about a good breed of the animal before buying an animal.

No negligence in deworming and vaccination

Stating that vaccination in dairy farming is very important, dairy farmer Malkit Singh said that it does not cost more than Rs 200. The government does the vaccination free of cost. Diseases like brucellosis and MMD are very dangerous for animals, so to avoid them, one should get 100percent vaccination done. Regarding deworming, he said that like vaccination, deworming should also be done at an interval of every three months. He said that the animal gets worms in its stomach, as well as worms on the skin outside. Deworming is very important to kill these insects.

Marketing your brand of milk

Dairy farmer Malkit Singh said that he has taken special care of hygiene on his farm. The animals are kept in a clean environment and milk is milked in a clean manner. He said that he sells milk by packing it in bottles from his brand. Buffalo milk sells at Rs 65 a liter and cow's milk at Rs 48 a liter.

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