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How to start a profitable Dairy farm?

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Animal husbandry is a tradition in the rural areas of the country and farmers (Farmer) have always reared milch animals with farming. Earlier, farmers used to rear cows and buffaloes only for their needs, but with the increase in demand for milk, the business of animal husbandry and milk production has become very popular for additional income among farmers.

If you want to make a good profit, you have to adopt a commercial method of animal husbandry and set up a modern dairy farm. Now the question arises as to what is the difference between doing normal animal husbandry and setting up dairy farms.

Most of the cattle herders rear animal husbandry in a traditional manner and they do not know how much profit is being made or are incurring losses. But when a businessman does dairy farming, he obviously aims to make good profits. We will further show you how to build a profitable dairy farm.

Start dairy farms on a small scale

First of all, keep in mind that if you do not have experience in animal husbandry, start dairy farming on a small scale. Setting up dairy farms with 5 to 10 cows or buffaloes reduces the cost of maintenance. Another thing is that cows and buffaloes should be of a good breed so that you can get more milk and you can make more profit by selling milk.

Make arrangements for essential facilities for animals

Whether it is human beings or animals, it is certain that productivity will be affected if there is no conducive environment. If you want to earn from cow or buffalo milk, obviously, one should take care of them. Therefore, it needs special attention to make dairy farms a profitable business. Shady sheds (Animal Shade) must be constructed for animals before starting dairy farms.

Not only this but proper arrangements should also be made for green fodder, drinking water, fans and etc. If you don't, obviously, animals will not feel comfortable in the absence of facilities and this will affect milk production.

Use technology in dairy farm management

One thing that is important is to use modern technology in dairy farms. That is to say, use the Mobile App of Dairy Farm Management to monitor the data on cattle care, their dosage, regular health check-ups, pregnancy time, daily milk production, etc. in dairy farms. For one thing, you get data related to each animal every day, as well as low manpower. That is, you can take care of animals at a lower cost and manage the dare farm in every field right from purchase-sale.

Selling milk directly to consumers will benefit more

Another important thing before starting a dairy farming business is that everyone must pay attention to it. There is a need to do full research on how the milk will be sold before opening a dairy farm because after all, the profit of the dairy farm depends on the Milk Rate. You can take care of animals well, take care of their food, produce the best quality of milk, but you can't sell milk at the rate you want.

So this is a very important point in the dairy farm business. It is true that the rate of milk that cooperatives or private dairy companies buy depends on the fat per liter. Barring some big dairy companies like Amul, Mother Dairy, most companies pay very low prices. In such a situation, it is beneficial to sell milk directly to consumers.

If you sell rs. 40 a liter of milk to a company, you can easily get the rate of Rs. 55 to Rs. 60 per liter of milk from the consumers. Therefore, if you want to earn more than a dairy farm, always make sure that the dairy farm is near a city or town so that consumers can easily get more and get a higher milk rate.

The sale of dairy products is also beneficial

Along with milk, dairy products (Dairy Products) like ghee, paneer, curd, buttermilk are also produced on dairy farms, which significantly increases profits. Therefore, people in the dairy farming business should not only depend on the sale of milk but should also produce dairy products.

Training can also be conducted to make dairy products for this purpose, and of course, if you sell milk directly to the consumers, you will not have any difficulty in selling your farm dairy products.

Will power and confidence will bring success

At the same time, your confidence and passion for doing everything is something that is very useful in running and earning dairy farms. It is well known that animal husbandry takes a lot of effort and no spinning can ever be done in timely feeding, milking, and cleaning animals. The basic mantra of success in this business is to prepare yourself to do any work.

If you are ready to feed, feed, feed, milk, clean the farm and deliver milk to the consumers in the absence of employees, then your dairy farm will definitely become a successful dairy farm.

So be sure to keep these things in mind in making dairy farms profitable, no one can stop you from succeeding in this business and making bumper profits.

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