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How to get artificial insemination? No expert AI technician – Prempal Sengar (Dairy farmer), M.P.

In commercial dairy farming, as much attention must be paid to increasing milk production, the same focus is on breed improvement and breeding. The first condition is to have cattle of good breed for more milk production. No matter how many claims are made about the breed of cattle found in the market, the guarantee of the breed that is there in the cattle prepared in their farms is nowhere else. Obviously, the things that are needed for breeding are a good breed bull or bull's seaman and an expert AI technician. But in the extreme areas of the country, both things are not easily found. That is why, except for some states and areas of the country, it is very difficult to prepare a good breed of animals in other places.

AI is done, but there is no guarantee in it.

Prempal Sengar, a young dairy farmer, opened a dairy farm in Morena, Madhya Pradesh, about five years ago. After studying polytechnic, he worked for a few years, and then with the intention of doing his work in the village, he decided to try his luck in the dairy sector. There are 25 cows of HF breed in Prempal Ji's dairy farm. He said that for the first time, he had brought 15 cows from Punjab'smandi, now through breeding, he has prepared more than 10 cows on his farm. He said that there is no good quality semen in their area, even if they get it from other places, then there is no skilled AI technician to get the AI of cows done. He said earlier they used to buy seamen locally and get the COWS AI done when they came in the heat. But the technician who came, he used to put a useless seaman, so that the cow was not cow-eaten and a lot of time was wasted in it. He said that now they order the seamen from outside, but a good AI technician still does not get it, even if he gets it, he does not have equipment like modern AI guns. That means AI is done, but there is no guarantee in it.

Good breed of cows are prepared from calf rearing

That is why dairy farmer Prempal Sengar insists on breeding and calf rearing. He said that this makes good breed of cows ready on their own farm and there is no need to buy cows to increase milk production. He started his dairy farm with 15 cows and today his farm was 25 cows. Some of the old cows have also been sold. He said that by rearing calves and preparing cows year after year, the cycle of milk production in the farm is never messed up. That is, almost the same amount of milk comes throughout the year, it never has any effect on the income. Apart from this, the breed of cows is improved every year on its farm itself, which leads to the formation of more milk-giving cows, which is very beneficial for the bright future of any dairy farm.

Labor expenses are less than technology

When asked about the benefits of using technology in dairy farming, dairy farmer Prempal Sengar said that it reduces labor costs, as well as makes it very easy to work. He said that they milk the milk of cows from the milking machine on their farm, this reduces the dependence on the staff and all the cows are milked in a short time. He said that when there was no milking machine and suddenly no employee came, it was very difficult to milk the milk of the cows. But now that this happens, he himself milks the milk of all the cows in thirty-five to forty minutes. Apart from this, they also installed a fogger system, fan, etc. on their farm, so that the cows of HF breed do not have any problem with the environment here. He said that there is also a big problem of flies in dairy farming. To get rid of it, they have installed a fly trapper.

Note in the register the figures related to the cow

On the question of the need for data in the operation of dairy farming, dairy farmer Prempal Sengar said that it is necessary to collect the data to know the profit and loss of the farm. He keeps data on the milk production of the cows' feed, the feeds to be fed to them, as well as the time at which the cow came into the heat, the date of its AI, the information about which seaman was administered when the vaccination took place when the deworming was carried out. All these figures are written in a register. He said that these figures facilitate the productivity of each cow to be known. Apart from this, the cow which is not giving enough milk, or is not coming in the heat, is examined by a doctor so that the problem of the cow can be removed. He said that without data, the business of a dairy farm is like throwing sticks in the dust. That is, just keep working blindfolded, there is no information about whether there is a profit or a loss. Although Prempal Ji does not know much about online data collection apps, he said that he has heard about them, but never used mobile F.

Buy milch cattle only after a thorough check-up

In response to the question of what should be kept in mind while buying a cow of HF breed, Prempal Sengar Ji said that while buying a cow, its forehead, horn, and tooth, as well as the order, should be seen. Apart from this, the rear part of the cow should be slightly raised, the back should be very flat. While buying a cow, one must milk its milk four times and if possible, milk should be milked for two consecutive days. This is because many times animal traders and farmers bring the cow with an injection so that they give more milk in a day. But when you buy that cow and bring it, the cow does not give as much milk. Regarding the online animal trade, he said that nowadays its prevalence is increasing a lot. There are many pages on Facebook, where there is an online animal trade, as well as the purchase and sale of animals through the website. But they don't trust online trading, because it doesn't make sense to buy an animal without seeing it.

Get vaccinated and deworming done on time

On vaccination and deworming, dairy farmer Prempal Sengar said that the vaccination of cows must be done at the scheduled time. Vaccination does not cost much but is equivalent to freebies, but its benefits are much higher. If a cow dies of disease due to not getting vaccinated, then there will be a lot of damage. Similarly, deworming is also very important. Because whatever feed is given to the cow, they eat the insects present in its stomach. This weakens the cow, starts giving less milk, does not even come in the heat. If deworming is done every three months, then the cow is healthy and starts giving more milk. He said there are government veterinary hospitals in the rural areas of Morena, but it is difficult to get treatment there. However, government veterinary doctors become available when needed. He said that the animals are treated at a lower cost than private veterinarians.

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