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Healthy Cattle : Key to success in dairy farming

Those who are working in the field of professional dairy farming work hard day and night. Nevertheless, it is often heard that dairy farming is not a profitable business, even after so much hard work, there is a loss. For such people, this article may be useful. The mantra of success in the dairy farming business is the good health of animals. The main objective of dairy farming is to produce more milk and then make maximum profits by selling milk. Accordingly, the entire dairy farming business depends on the production and sale of good quality milk. Now the thing to think about is how to produce good quality milk. Mahendra Singh, a successful dairy farmer from Banaskantha in Gujarat, has given a lot of work.

Quality of milk not compromised

Young dairy farmer Mahendra Singh comes from a business family but wanted to do some land-related work in his village. So he started animal husbandry in his village in 2016. With his curiosity and passion, Mahendra Singh decided to make dairy farming his future and started gathering information about it. Initially, he started dairy farming with five cows. Mahendra Singh says that when he was planning to come to the sector, he spoke to many successful dairy farmers and realized that the quality of milk should never be compromised for success in the dairy sector. And then he made it his business mantra. That is why they take full care of the health of their farm animals.

Take care of animals themselves

Dairy farmer Mahendra Singh said he takes care of his farm animals himself. They take care of what fodder they have to give both times, how much minerals to give when to give water, what medicine to give. At the same time, experts also conduct medical check-ups of animals from veterinary doctors at regular intervals. As a result, their farm animals never fall ill and give plenty of milk. Mahendra Singh has a total of 45 animals on his dairy farm, out of which 30 are Jersey cows,10 are bunny and Rajasthani buffaloes. Their farm produces 400 liters of milk every day and they earn Rs 9 to 10 lakh annually.

Data is very important in the dairy farming business

Young dairy farmer Mahendra Singh gives a lot of importance to new technology and data collection in dairy farming. He said that the milk cows with milking machines, which takes less time and maintains cleanliness. Moreover, they keep a complete record of their animals, such as what they fed, how much they fed, how much milk was done, when the cow fell ill when it came in the heat, when did the AI come. Not only that, but they also review these figures from time to time. This shows which cow is giving how much milk. If his milk is reduced, then special attention is paid to the cow and a doctor is examined. He said that having an old record of every animal also facilitates the doctor's treatment. At the same time, the data on doses of AI and semen reveals the breed of the child. This helps in deciding which calf to rear and who does not.

Vaccination and deworming are very important for cattle's health

According to Mahendra Singh, a dairy farmer who is so concerned about the health of animals, it is very important to get the animals vaccinated on time along with regular check-ups. Since vaccination protects animals from infection during epidemics, vaccination should never be delayed. At the same time, they do de-warming all the animals on their farm every three to four months. Explaining the reason behind this, he said that dewarming kills all the worms in the animal's stomach, which increases the digestive power of the animal and causes food and drink in the body. When the animal feed is digested well, it also increases milk production. He says that de-warming must be done and good companies should use medicines for better results.

For more income rear good breed calves

Mahendra Singh is also very aware of the breed of animals. He said that if the cow or buffalo is of good breed, obviously milk will also give more, and the sick will also be less. They also prepare breeds of cows and buffalo on their farm. He said that the dose of calves never decreases because if young calves are not taken care of properly, they will not be healthy when they grow up and if this happens, they will not get any benefit of rearing. Dairy farmer Mahendra Singh prepares 4 to 5 calves of good breed on his farm throughout the year in such a way that in the long run, either by placing them on his farm, milk production can be increased or good income can be earned by selling them. According to him, rearing calves is the additional earning of the dairy farm.

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