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Buying Cattle Online : Genuine or Fraud?

Nowadays, everything is available online, and many websites sell animals online.

If you have a smartphone, an Internet connection, you can buy a favorite cow or buffalo in one click from anywhere across the country for your dairy farm, but there are many farmers even today who do not like this option.

According to Ram Avtar Sharma, a young dairy farmer from Rajasthan, it is very important to have a good breed of animals for good profits in dairy farming.

He said that by buying cows or buffaloes directly from local Mandis or farmers, you can see their health and condition with your own eyes and personal check, but you can't do that by buying animals through the Internet.

He said that sometimes the claims made by the owner or trader of the animal come out false whereas in this case, the animals can also be returned, but buying animals online creates difficulties.

According to him, there is no sense in buying animals online as of now, but he believes it will happen with time provided all challenges he faced are solved online:

The Dairy farm opened after computer engineering

  • Ram Avtar Sharma, who has been successfully doing dairy farming for nearly two years, also discussed several other issues.

  • He said professional dairy farming was started in January 2020. Ram Avtar Sharma, who has studied computer engineering, has opened a dairy farm in Rajosi village near Nasirabad near Jaipur.

  • At present, there are 13 HF breed cows on their dairy farm, they produce 120 liters of milk every day and it earns them a lot. Young dairy farmer Ram Avtar Sharma is fully aware of the importance of technology and data in the dairy business but does not know about online data collection.

  • He explained how much milk a cow gave when it was vaccinated when the cow came into the heat when the cow was de-warming.

Not adequate information about online data collection

  • He tries to remember all the information and also notes in a register if needed. He said this shows how much is being spent on which cow and he needs something.

  • The analysis of data also provides them with information about the loss and profitability of the dairy farm, but he had no information about the online data collection.

No animal insurance facility in rural areas

  • RamAvtar Sharma's experience in animal insurance was not good. Animal insurance is very important to ensure that the cattle herder is not harmed in the event of a disaster or if the animal dies due to illness.

  • The Government also preaches a lot about it. But Ram Avtar says that it is not available in his locality, they could not even get the facility to contact several public and private banks in the locality.

  • He said that this year, hundreds of cattle died due to Khurpaka-Mukhpaka(FMD) disease in the area and farmers suffered heavy losses and if they had been insured, it would not have been a loss.

Lack of good breed of semen

  • When asked about the preparation of a good breed of animals, young farmer Ram Avtar Sharma said that good quality semen is not available in the area and there is a huge shortage of semen.

  • Many private AI experts in the locality do this, but it does not guarantee the pregnancy of the animal. But this young farmer is aware of the benefits of calf rearing in dairy farming.

  • He said that even if four good breeds of calves are reared in a year, they make an additional profit of 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees by selling them. However, it is seen that most cattle herders do not pay much attention to calf rearing.

  • For good quality of milk, he said that good quality milk can be produced by providing balance doses and full cleaning arrangements for the animals.

  • He also mentioned vaccination and deworming of animals and said that timely vaccination and deworming improves the health of the animal and also increases milk production.

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