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6 challenges faced by Dairy Farmers in India

A huge amount of money has to be invested in the dairy farming business not everyone can put lakhs of rupees out of their pockets. In such a situation, loans from Government institutions or banks are the only support. But it is often seen that people must wander here and there to set up dairy farms after all the papers are completed. Though the Central Government and the State Government-run several schemes to create opportunities for the youth in the dairy sector and to promote milk production in the country, the ground reality is that the needy do not get the benefit of these schemes.

Difficulty in expanding dairy farming business due to non-availability of loans

On the same issue, Dayaram Ji, a progressive dairy farmer from the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, said that no matter how many claims the government makes, there is a lot of difficulty in getting loans for animals. He even said that despite being established in the dairy business for years, no bank gives him a loan to buy animals. Let me tell you that Dayaramji has 25 good breeds of Murra buffaloes and every day 100 to 150 liters of milk are in his dairy farm, which he makes a good profit by selling directly to the customers. But due to the non-availability of loans, they are not able to take their dairy farming business forward.

Scarcity of online data collection

Despite the rural background, dairy farmer Dayaram Ji understands the importance of technology and data in the dairy farming business. He explained that they collect the complete data of every animal as to when they were fed which feed, how much milk the animal gave when it fell ill when it was vaccinated when it was artificially inseminated, and what was the result. Dayaramji understands the importance of data so much that he also notes how much milk the animal gave in the morning and how much milk it gave in the evening. But for the time being, they resort to registers for the same. They have no information about online data storage.

They wait for a crisis to get their cattle insured

Dayaram Ji, who has been working in dairy farming for many years, says that insurance is a great support in times of crisis. He said that he used to insure his animals every year but his animals have never had any problem, so for two years, they have stopped getting animal insurance. But the fact is that the problem never comes by asking, so every dairy farmer must get animal insurance regularly to avoid any possible damage.

Hard to build trust in Artificial Insemination

Dayaramji is well aware of the breeds of animals. They have also placed a bull and cross their buffaloes with it. He said that seams are available in his locality, but he does not trust artificial insemination. They always use their bull's seams.

The calf doesn't get a good price

Dayaram Ji has a mixed opinion on calf rearing in the dairy farming business. He said it has advantages and disadvantages. He said that the calf has to be reared for three years to prepare it, then somewhere it is worth milking after the first marriage. But during this time, a lot of money is spent on his diet and care. He said that in the area where he lives in Rajasthan, the calf does not get a good price after growing up, though it is not so in Haryana. So, based on experience, he said that calf rearing is not beneficial.

Business of buying and selling animals for additional earnings

Dairy farmer Dayaram Ji does animal husbandry and milk production as well as the business of buying and selling animals for additional income. He said that good animals are not available in Rajasthan, so they go to the neighboring state of Haryana to buy cows or buffaloes. He said that while buying animals, one should inspect their original breed, disease and also take them out four times. According to Dayaramji, the animal should be purchased by looking at it personally. Dayaram Ji has no faith in the purchase of animals online. He said that once he bought a 45-liter cow online from Punjab. She also made the entire payment online before delivery, but when the cow reached her farm three days later, it was the second and the milk was not much. Even after a lot of effort, his cow could not be returned and he suffered a lot. Therefore, in their opinion, the animal should go and buy it on its own, not online.

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