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Nitara is a social impact platform with a blend of years of Dairy domain research and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-based technology that is converting all Indian dairy farms into smart farms. It is like more Data-Driven power for dairy farmers to efficiently get through the dairy practices like Cattle Breeding, Nutrition, Health, Genetics and Milking.

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for Dairy farmer

Nitara is your Smart Dairy Colleague, that works like your partner at the Dairy-farm for profitable Dairy farm Management and Cattle lifecycle.

  We help you:

  • Keep a track of your Cattle Breeding Cycle

  • Never miss a Vaccination Dose for your Cattle

  • Derive low-cost Cattle Nutrition Plan

  • Well informed with Cattle Genetics


Farm Cost Depreciation


Nitara deploys technology to optimize farmers’ spendings on feed and facilitate Smart Farm Management. With our Performance Analyser feature, farmers can understand their farm ROI in just a click, eliminating paperwork and saving time.

Smart Breeding Suggestions with prompt Notifications

Nitara sends timely notifications for all the upcoming important events related to farms and cattle. This ensures timely insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, regular calving, prompt vaccination, and other medications, thereby ensuring improved health of cattle and increased milk productivity.

Formulating a low-cost Nutrition Plan

Nitara provides customized and budget-based scientific nutrition plans by seasoned experts to the farmer. Based on cattle characteristics like breed, pregnancy stage, milk yield, weather condition, season, available fodder etc. Nitara also offers fodder suggestions so you grow and harvest the right fodder at the right time.


How does it Work?

Milk Prediction


Nitara predicts the future milk yield of each cattle as well as the entire farm based on weather conditions, breed, health, fodder quality, and a combination of other factors. Helps easily plan and optimize a farm’s feed-yield ratio.

Disease Predictor


Nitara predicts the possible diseases thereby ensuring minimum loss of productivity and lowering the mortality rate. This is a user-friendly feature to diagnose the cattle based on holistic symptoms and provide appropriate and timely treatment, in the comfort of your farm.


About Us!


With our years of research on the Dairy Ecosystem, we realized that there are endless difficulties faced by the dairy farmers in order to ensure a healthy cattle lifecycle, which is directly proportional to the milk yield at their farm and thus revenue they make out of it. Under the umbrella of our parent company Gormalone which actively works for making Agri-life better, we carved out this initiative. We came up with a team of the best technology and dairy enthusiasts to solve several critical issues faced by the dairy farmers.


Our Vision is to work closely at the grass-root level of rural dairy farming in India. With our work, we aim to bring revolution in the lives of dairy farmers across India. We are an amalgamation of technology, data, and intense domain experience where we see the dairy farmers in India are profitable with smart dairy farm management. 


At NITARA, our comprehensive technological solutions help dairy farmers leading small and dairy farms achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you keep a track of cattle lifecycle, milking, genetics, health, and nutrition. In order to empower our dairy farmers to do better, NITARA is continually building upon its Artificial Intelligence-based Data-Driven technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. 


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